3 Speed Ladder Drills to Improve Sprinting Technique

A countless number of sports performance training tools are available today. One of the most versatile is the speed ladder. A speed ladder can be used to improve balance, coordination, quickness and neuromuscular efficiency. It can also be used to improve sprinting technique and mechanics.

Sprinting technique and mechanics play a big part in speed. If you lack sound technique, you will not be efficient and you will waste energy when sprinting, preventing you from reaching your potential top speed.

Below are three speed ladder drills designed to make you faster. Perform them once or twice a week during your speed workouts. Check out even more drills in our Speed Ladder guide.

Speed Ladder High Knee March

This drill reinforces a high knee drive, which is essential for putting maximum force into the ground. It also helps to synchronize your arm drive with your leg movements.

Sets/Reps: 2×4 down and back

Speed Ladder High Knee Run

The arm and knee action in this drill closely mimic full sprinting. Stepping in each box prevents your foot strike from getting too far in front, a common problem that severely limits top speed.

Sets/Reps: 2×4 down and back

Speed Ladder Accelerations

This drill is designed to transfer the quick strides in the ladder to the sprint. The higher your stride frequency, the faster you will run.

Sets/Reps: 2×4 down and back