4 Training Mistakes Every Athlete Must Avoid

All athletes who go into the weight room have good intentions. If they didn’t want to get stronger and more powerful, they wouldn’t be there.  However, time in the weight room might be wasted if you fall into a common training trap. To get the most out of your workouts and become a better athlete, avoid these four mistakes.

Lack of an Initial Evaluation

All programs must start with some type of initial measurement or evaluation of the athlete, which is why we start each athlete here at MVP Sports Center with our Initial Evaluation process. This sets a baseline for future testing to measure progress and determine which exercises you should perform. Proper exercise choice at the beginning of a training program will help you build a foundation for more complex exercises down the road.

Lack of Progression

A successful training program must change and increase difficulty over time to continue challenging the body. If you stay at the same level and perform the same exercises over an extended period of time, your body will adapt and you will not make strength and power gains.

Lack of Structure

Structure allows for a program to be efficient and focused so you can achieve your training goals. If you have a game plan for each week and each training session, you will see the best results from your workouts.  So take the time to find a training program that fits your needs, and lay down a schedule that you can follow. A wise man once said that failure to plan is planning to fail.

Lack of Proper Technique

Knowing exactly how to perform each exercise is critical in the weight room. If you lack proper form, you won’t receive full benefit from the exercise and you’ll increase your risk of injury. The goal of training is to prevent injury, not cause it.  We would be much happier to see you cranking through your training program than to be in our physical therapy clinic, so please let us know if we can help you with a program!


By: Coach Wray Watkins, BS