Benefits of a Group Fitness Program

The Time Factor: Forget watching the clock! The pace of a group fitness class really makes the time fly and the energy level of the instructor makes you forget you’re working as hard as you are. Staring at the digital clock slowly ticking away on the treadmill will be a thing of the past!

The Cost Factor: Personal training, which we absolutely love, is unfortunately a bit more expensive than a single group fitness program.  Engaging in a group fitness program can still provide all of the fitness benefits you want, but you are looking at a much smaller price tag. Just as a side thought, the benefits you gain with a workout also save you money on health care, as people who workout are far less likely to get sick and also recover from illness and injury quicker than the sedentary population.

The Social Factor: Group fitness is a great way to meet like-minded and like-motivated people. You’ll find you share common goals and interest which can be a great motivator to work hard in class and create accountability for coming back week after week.  This is key when looking to get those results you are looking for!

The Indoor/Outdoor Factor: Group fitness is no longer confined to big-box gyms or health clubs. Smaller fitness centers like MVP Sports Center are on the rise with their personalized and detailed attention to your needs as a client. If being inside is not your thing, try somewhere like MVP that utilizes exercise outdoors too. We love taking our clients outside for a little beach style training and some other killer protocols that will challenge you physically.

The Motivation Factor: Having someone telling you to work harder and encouraging you to take your fitness to the next level will get you there. Our instructors (or Coaches as we call them) really do set the tone while having others in the class offers another level of motivation through a tiny bit of competition and camaraderie.

The Challenge Factor: Motivation ties into the benefit of being challenged to work harder. You will want to keep pace meaning you will be challenged to work harder. Studies have proven that working out in a group results in a bigger calorie burn simply because you tend to output a greater effort that is derived from being challenged.  Motivation + Greater Output = RESULTS!

The Learning Factor: A good class structure coupled with a great instructor will teach you how to properly perform each body movement with safe and effective mechanics.  When beginning a new or different fitness routine, feeling safe and being safe are key.  It is always good to add new movements to your arsenal and you grow your fitness level, just make sure you start off on the right foot with proper mechanics. Quick side note… Trying something different challenges both your mind and body too, two things that ward off the effects of aging.

The Good Instructor Factor: An experienced fitness coach/instructor will offer modifications that allow for different fitness levels among the participants. Most classes will offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise options. Make sure to come at least 5 minutes early when signed up for a new class and introduce yourself to the instructor/coach. Developing a relationship with your instructor/coach is key to finding the workout that will challenge you in a safe manner.

If you are interested in learning more about “Training Camp”,  MVP’s group fitness program, give us a call or swing by MVP!  We would be happy to answer all of your questions and even let you check out a class for free to see if it is the right fit for you.  Whatever you do, best of luck with your fitness and stay healthy!