Exercise of the Month – February 2013

Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat on a Stability Ball

The Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat is a great exercise that focuses on strengthening the lower body and also increasing core stability. This exercise can be used as an alternative to squats or as a supplemental exercise. Isolating each leg at a time will help strengthen any weakness or imbalances of the hip and leg. The Major muscles used are Glutes, Quadriceps and Hamstrings. This exercise has many variations that can be adaptable to a lot of different training levels and sports. The key to the goblet Bulgarian split squat is increasing single leg strength and stability. This single leg strength and stability is a must in the dynamic field of sports. The goblet Bulgarian split squat helps build the strength the athlete needs to increase both linear speed and multidirectional agility.  Here at MVP, we utilize this and other similar exercises to maximize each athlete’s athleticism and transfer these gains onto the field or court. Make sure you continue to check out our blog here at MVPSC.com to stay current with more featured exercises.


By: Coach Wray Watkins, BS,  Director of Strength & Conditioning