Exercise of the Month: Ground Based Jammer Press

March 2013

The Ground based jammer press is a great exercise that focuses on the production of total body power and strength. This exercise can be used as an alternative to other Olympic style lifts or as a supplemental exercise. The independent arms of the jammer allow for isolating each arm as the power is transferred to the end range of the motion. This will help strengthen any weakness or imbalances in the power distribution through the upper extremities. This is a total body power exercise and most prime movers in the body are engaged with this lift. This exercise possesses many different variations that can be adaptable to different sports and training variables.

The focus of the goblet Ground Based Jammer is the transfer of power from the lower body, through the core, to the upper body. This movement of power is a crucial part of many movements in sports. The Ground based Jammer helps the athlete train explosively while guided in a safe and effective manner.  Here at MVP, we utilize this and other similar exercises to maximize each athlete’s power potential and transfer is power into competition. Make sure you continue to check out our blog here at MVPSC.com to stay current with more featured exercises.

Exercise of the Month

Ground Based Jammer Press