General Fitness at MVP

So, you have been to the large commercial gyms in the neighborhood and something just isn’t right. Not only do you feel like an ant milling around in an ant farm, but the huge meathead in the corner has been grunting out curls for the last hour. Now, if his outrageously undersized shirt and back acne isn’t enough to drive you away, the creepy stares from the people who are looking for their next ex spouse will definitely do it. Yes, you got a great deal by buying a three year membership up front that came out to $40 dollars a month. I just hope you read all the fine print that the used car salesman, I mean “membership coordinator” should have clearly explained to you.  Now clearly you can see where I am going with this blog post and my obvious bias. But let’s be honest here, at the end of it all, what your average Joe and Jane want is to improve their health, shed that spare tire and look better naked. All are very attainable goals. But it’s all about how we go about achieving these goals. So let’s cut to the chase and look at why training at MVP has more value than the other “Globogyms”

Quality of Staff

  • No weekend online certified trainers here. All of our coaches here have degrees in exercise science and years of experience. Even our office coordinator has a degree in exercise science.
  • Our coaches are on staff, this means we are here to serve our clients and members, not up-sell and make a commission off of everything we can.
  • Flow of the Gym
    • No waiting for equipment or big crowds. Bye bye meat market and the meatheads that come with it
    •  Time is money. Come in on lunch, before or after work and be in and out. If you are in the gym for more than 2 hours, something is wrong. I can explain later.
    • Get introduced to different types of training. We can do stuff in our gym that would get you kicked out of the other gyms. When was the last time you swung a sledgehammer or did squat jumps in a sand pit at 24hr fitness.
    • Get all the right programs. We have a full menu of services for the general fitness crowd.
      • Private 1 on 1 training
      • Semi-Privates
      • Group Fitness Programs
      • Gym Passes
      • Nutritional Guidance
      • Corporate Discounts

Ancillary Services

  • Got a nagging ache or old sports injury that is slowing you down. We offer free physical therapy consultations. Hey it’s free, why not get it checked out and see what the next step would be.
  • Got an athlete in the family. If they are looking to improve as an athlete, they can work with our staff of sports performance coaches while you get your pump on.
  • We even have a full service cycle center that does everything from bike fittings, efficiency coaching, to retail sales of Felt and Sarto Bikes.
  • Great Atmosphere
    • Friendly and professional staff. When was the last time you where greeted by name when you walked into a gym. We see you as a person, not a number of dollar sign.
    • A no pressure and non threatening gym with a diverse client population.  We have something for everyone
    • See the same faces each time you come in. Not the same turnover rate as the big gyms, our staff is committed to MVP and MVP is committed to them. Trust me; I have been here for over 10 years.

So, if this sound like a place that interests you, feel free to drop by take a tour and come see what I am talking about. If you don’t believe me, I have some clients here who can attest to what I am saying. Yes, they are non paid actors, I swear!

MVP Fitness

MVP Client:  Chuck Rowand