Just Do It…No, Really

It’s the start of a brand new year and it’s time to suck it up and make that resolution you’ve been dreading.  After a holiday season packed with unhealthy, yet delicious foods, we all feel… shall we say…a bit rounder!  Like with most people, the guilt from gluttonous eating has now set in and we’re thinking it’s probably a good time to start exercising.  So we find ourselves fighting the enemy of success…EXCUSES.  Although some excuses are more legit than others, I have come up with some pretty good ones over the years justifying why “tomorrow” is a better time to start.  Thankfully, these demons usually lose out to determination and plain old “positive stubbornness”. For example, those who know me know I am NOT a morning person and dread having to be at work by 7 am.  So do you have to ask me how I feel about waking up at 5am to work out? Yet in my current moment of excess roundness I know that I have to find the time to ditch the extra calories that have been stalking me since Christmas.  Recently, there have been times when I have 45-50 minute window to work out and skillfully manage to spend 20 minutes of it contemplating if I should start.  Yes… I have it down to an art. Looking for inspiration, I say to myself, “Just do it!  No…really this time”.  Even when I finally squeeze in a 20-30 minute workout, I feel great!  I do my dance because for today, excuses and calories lost! It doesn’t hurt that I happen to work at MVP Sports Centers.  With 14,000 square feet of state-of-the-art ammunition against fat and flab (complete with shower facilities), it makes it hard to say I can’t make it to the gym today.  By the way, you can join in on this calorie burning madness by picking up a Gym Membership for just $30 a month.  Our gym is open from 7:00am-7:00pm Monday-Friday which allows you time to exercise before or after your work day!  If you aren’t sure how or where to start, MVP also offers Fitness Training, with FREE initial evaluations.  There’s something about getting your love handles pinched by a body fat caliper that gives you that little extra slap on the backside to get going.  Gee thanks.  Excuses suck.  Just do it! No, really this time!
By: Brittany Fecteau, BS, MVP Team Member