Free Stuff at MVP

After you have completed your physical therapy regimen, you will receive a complimentary 6-month gym pass to MVP!  Additionally, we provide you with two free private sessions with our staff of Strength & Conditioning Coaches.  Maintaining your continued health is high on our priority list!  Using MVP’s facilities is also a great way to touch base with our therapists to ensure that all is well.

Injury Consultations

Are you injured and not quite sure what to do next?  Do you have a prescription for physical therapy but not quite sure where to go for treatment?  Are you currently in a physical therapy program but you are not getting the results that you hoped for?  Schedule an appointment with our Physical Therapy department and we will be happy to show you how we can make a difference.  Our injury consultation process is complimentary and a great way to learn more about MVP.

Here is what people are saying:

“I have been to a few therapists (4) and MVP’s therapists were by far the best!  They figured out where the problems were coming from when even the doctors didn’t even know!  They helped me tremendously!  They are great therapists!  Very, very good!  I will be back for future therapy and pay for it myself if I have to!”  -R.L.

“The therapy staff was amazing and had me out of pain far quicker than I thought I would be!”  -J.H.

“I am very pleased with the improvements we made and what they shared with me to keep up.  I haven’t had a bad experience here.  Thank you!”  -A.W.

“I would have no hesitation having the therapy staff treat me for future therapy needs.  The support staff also did a great job.  Pay increase for everyone!”  -S.S.

“I’ve had the utmost confidence in the therapists during my time here at MVP.  They always answered my questions and kept me updated on my progress and what I needed to do to improve even more.  They get an A+!  Everyone here has been friendly, professional and concerned.  I feel very lucky to have come here for therapy.  I want to say that the aide staff was all wonderful too!”  -S.R.

“Very pleased with my overall treatment.  All aides and therapists are very uplifting to the spirit of the hardship of injury.  Thanks to them all!”  -D.C.

“The staff is awesome.  They helped me with my knee issues and I am back to riding my horse.  They facility was incredible too!  I have been to other clinics, but they just do not compare.  I was amazed to see everything they had to help me with my physical therapy needs!”  -A.I.