Resolving YOU! Health, fitness and wellness…

How to Resolve YOU!  Health, fitness and wellness…

So, you resolved to make a change in your life like so many other folks who embark on this annual January quest.  How is that going so far?  Have you thought this thing through?  Did you reverse engineer your goal and break it down step by step to determine how you are going to tackle this monster?  We are willing to bet that you probably set your sights on either losing weight or being a more healthy you, right?  How about living a healthier lifestyle or maybe getting rid of that nagging pain in the…(fill in the blank here).  This is great news!  However, you really need a plan of attack and if you want to be successful you should seek the input and guidance of someone who can actually help you… like a coach, trainer or health & wellness professional!  This just so happens to be right in our wheelhouse here at MVP Sports Center and Physical Therapy.  It is what has brought big smiles to our faces for almost 13 years as we watch our clients and patients cross that finish line called success!  We have a proven process and it simply works.  Interested? Here is a bit more information for you to chew on.

STEPPING UP: The first step is taking the first step!  Pick up the phone, open your email or jump in the car – any one of these is a great way to start the process with us as we would be happy to communicate with you in any way that is easiest for you!  There is a huge advantage for almost all of us (I would love to say everyone, but I would hate to be wrong!) in seeking the advice of a professional when it comes to helping us achieve goals that could otherwise be seen as insurmountable. Most often that is because you have no idea where to start or because you have failed to reach them so many other times before.  Let’s just say that working with a professional will bring you motivation, accountability, perspective, perceived expectations and an overall greater outcome of success.

YOU!:  Lets talk about you: what you want to do; what motivates you; what your weaknesses are; what your schedule looks like; what items you help find their way from the grocery store to your fridge and pantry; what you seem to be lacking in general; and everything else (including the kitchen sink!).  Yep, we need to know what makes you, YOU!  We want to get to know the real you too.  One more important thing we need to know as well is how capable you are with being honest with yourself.  Are you a cheater, sneaker, slacker or just flat out mischievous when it comes to sticking to a regimen?  Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed, it happens to the best of us!  As soon as we are all honest with ourselves and own up to all of our decisions and actions, the big picture morphs from a blur to a vibrant full color masterpiece.

GOAL:  Time to set that big goal!  We can give it a timeline, help you establish some smaller goals and benchmarks to shoot for along the way and we will put it into our master plan / blueprint / manual for you to begin following as we work with you toward your own finish line.  This is, however, the easy part.  Why you ask?  Because it’s all talk!  So, let’s put the rubber to the road!

BREAK IT DOWN:  Understanding your goal, what needs to be done and how we are going to help you through this big web of information, change and planning is going to be pretty important.  Understanding what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, when to do it, what not to do, when to do it, when to rest and how to fit the rest of life into your already seemingly jam-packed day/week/month will be a keystone to your success.  Again, we can help you with this and we will work to make it as simple of a process as possible!  However, we don’t all get from our starting point to our final destination in the exact same manner.  That said, we need to make sure we are taking the most efficient approach to achieving our goal.  So, small tweaks and adjustments to what we have laid out in the beginning become vital to us as we aim to stay on course while minimizing or even eliminating the plateaus or even worse, regressions.

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET…:  Starting the “GO” component of your achieving your goal and actually putting in the work… well, this is not the easy part… at least in the beginning!  Speaking from personal experience, I once set a goal of dropping a few pounds and I decided that food was going to be my primary weapon against the battle of the bulge.  I also knew that I needed to integrate some fitness into this scheme of mine, so I decided that cycling was going to be my second weapon of choice.  Well, I’m not going to lie, it was tough for the first 3-4 weeks – the food more so than the cycling.  But a funny thing happens after a few of weeks when you purge certain items from your diet while finding balance; you start to lose the cravings, you find yourself making more consistently good choices and new habits are formed!   As for the cycling (or whatever fitness medium you choose), you find yourself not suffering like you did in the beginning and notice that you are actually starting to enjoy the increased heart rate, sweat and the 2.0 version of you!  There are some good reasons for acclimation and we will cover more of this when we map out your specific plan.  The same thing can be said for a physical therapy rehab program too. I can tell you from experience that it in most cases rehab pretty much follows the same course of action.  Been there, done that with my ankle, back, shoulder, neck and knee!  I guess I just play “too hard”!

TWEAKS: Making necessary adjustments along the way will be a must.  As most of us know, we are all uniquely different and that is a good thing!  Reaching a goal is not going to be a perfect journey because none of us are perfect. We make mistakes or we run into the occasional “oops, I splurged” or the “I shouldn’t have done that” kind of day.  Not letting the whole plan completely jump off the rails because we stalled or had a moment of discouragement is the plan of action as we keep our eyes on our finish line.  We simply need our tuneups along the way!

3, 2, 1…: And the countdown to crossing your finish line is almost done!  You have put in all of the work, the proverbial “blood, sweat & tears”, to get to the end of this race.  You are almost there and you like what the scale has to say or you dropped that pain in the (insert body part here again) like a bad habit.  Maybe you are friends with the mirror again and you keep hearing the “Wow, you look great” comment -or- you are able to jump out of bed for the first time in a long time with out your body barking at you!  This is the affirmation that you have been a good soldier and that your work is all paying off.  Yep, you did it!  But now what?  Well, that is pretty simple… just be the new you!  Chances are, you will have learned a whole lot about yourself through this journey!  Your decision making process with respect to how you will utilize your free time and how you plan to employ your new arsenal of tools, health, fitness and wellness, will have empowered you to do almost anything that you set your mind to.  How does a half or even full marathon sound?  How about a century bike ride or Olympic distance triathlon?  Maybe you want to show up those crazy kids of yours or just know that you can keep up again!  What ever you set your sights on, it is important that you start a whole new process of setting a goal and kicking a new program into gear.  Having something that you are working toward keeps you honed in on the notion you have a reason to stay healthy, fit and motivated.  Assigning this (insert goal here) that you’re working toward to a date on the calendar really helps bring things to perspective too.  Looking good in Hawaii in January, that sprint triathlon in May or hiking Mt. Rainier with the kids in August… it doesn’t matter what the goal is, just keep yourself focused on something!  The old cliche “life is short” is so true. So keep yourself fit, live longer and enjoy being healthy and active.  Please, please, please do not fall prey to obesity, poor nutrition or a sedentary lifestyle.  There is so much to see and do out in this wonderful world of ours and too many people are missing out due to poor choices, poor fitness and poor health.  And even worse, we don’t want people missing you because your time here on earth was cut short due to the wrong choices.  Remember, you did it and you can keep doing it!  If you you haven’t done it yet, we would be honored to help you resolve YOU!


By: Jake von Duering, BS,  Director of MVP Operation