Strength Training for Triathletes

Over the past 4 years I have been competing in many local triathlon events, some years with unpleasant setbacks due to injury and other years with great performances.  Chronic hamstring strain, shoulder impingement and other minor pains and aches were some of my injuries I’ve encountered throughout the years. As a Strength and Conditioning Coach I have now implemented a lot of my background knowledge to my triathlon training program. Being that triathlon training requires high volume, high intensity efforts in three different sports, we must be aware that the risk of injury is greater. Many of us cannot see the dysfunctions we may have such as lack of strength, flexibility and mobility. Therefore incorporating a periodized strength program can decrease the chances of injury, increase general strength and power for the run and improve the ability to ride and handle the bike with greater confidence.

When we think about weight lifting we automatically imagine a bodybuilding physique. Although it is true that weightlifting does increase muscle size. It is dependent on the combination of a few variables such as the amount of hormonal (testosterone) secretion in male vs. females, training program design and caloric food intake/ supplementation. Some of the misconceptions within the endurance world are that weightlifting will slow you down due to the muscle gain or one will bulk up and loose range of motion. This is true to a certain extent. If the strength program is properly designed specific to the triathlete none of the misconception will occur. In Fact implementing a strength program has shown to increase core strength, joint stability, mobility (range of motion) and running economy which all translate to having a stronger more efficient swim, bike and run. With a certified strength and conditioning coach a proper strength training program can be designed to supplement the existing triathlon training program to help reach your goals.

Here at MVP we have such a program to offer all endurance athletes. This program is designed with the endurance athlete in mind. Proper athlete specific evaluations and training protocols are put together by our staff of trained and knowledgeable staff. If you feel that your performance is lacking that “little something extra”, give us a call here at MVP and we can get you on the road to success.