Youth Training – Know the Facts!

At MVP, we enhance the fundamental and foundational tools needed to increase a young athlete’s game. While setting the stage for more advanced levels of development down the road, we specifically address age, gender, ability, sport and position when implementing the program design.

Our youth group program is specifically designed to help young athletes increase their athleticism. Focus is placed on proper mechanics, body control and balance while addressing speed, strength, agility, power production and fitness.

Youth training must be designed specifically for youthful development and capabilities. We design a low-impact program for athletes beginning at age nine. It is important to remember to protect a young athlete’s growing body and understand that children younger than age nine typically have a greater benefit from just participating in organized sports. Once a youth athlete can cognitively understand the benefits of a conditioning and mechanical enhancement program, MVP’s Youth Training Program is the place to start.

The advantages resulting from youth training are:

  • Foot speed, which improves coordination
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Flexibility, which helps prevent injuries
  • General & Core Strength
  • Increased motor skills
  • Increased Self-esteem

We feel that athletes should start a training program at 9 years old.  Athletes younger than 9 would best benefit from continued participation in their sport, skills instruction and active play.

For more information of if you would like to schedule an athlete evaluation, please contact MVP.

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